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Title: Home2Home

Author: Dennis Kailing

Format: PDF (optimized for E-Readers, but works on any device!)

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (German version on Amazon)

Pages: 364

Full of colorful photos, adventurous stories and great entertainment!

Including a packing list and lots of tips and infos on bike traveling.




Home2Home tells the story of Dennis Kailing, who at the age of 24 sets out on a bicycle to discover the world for himself. What exactly is meant by "the world", he himself does not know. But something will be out there...

Overnight stay in the women's cell of a Mexican police station, work on a cannabis plantation, problems with the Moroccan military, illegal border crossing to Guatemala, a grabby truck driver in Iran, two-wheel confrontation with the drug cartel, smoked python in the jungle of Timor, death threat, earthquake, accident, theft - just a tiny excerpt of a crazy journey.

After 43,600 km (27,100 mi), 41 countries on 6 continents and circumnavigating our planet, Dennis returns unharmed but not unchanged to the place from which he set off more than two years ago.

Is the world really as cruel and dangerous as it is so often portrayed?

Those who accompany Dennis on his journey discover that this world is colorful, exciting, beautiful, sometimes bizarre. And above all, it's damn adventurous.



Why we exclusively sell through


Home2Home is a colorful book full of pictures, which make the file size way bigger than e-books without pictures. The file size would cause high delivery costs on other marketplaces. For example, Amazon charges the seller 0.15$ per MB for each e-book download! For Home2Home that would be 8.55$ for every download! Additionally, Amazon charges 30% to 65% seller fees. Other platforms also charge high fees. If we wanted to sell it there we would have to charge you a way way higher price - what we don't want to do. And because we have the technology to sell it through with an easy to use online shop, that works perfectly, we sell it exclusively on this homepage. Thank you for your trust <3

E-Book - Home2Home

  • You will receive your download link immediately after your purchase. The download will include the E-Book "Home2Home" in PDF-format - you can start reading immediately! Enjoy!

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